There’s a vast variety of companies all that rely on fleets of vehicles , from motor cars to huge trucks to sustain their commercial success. Courier companies, emergency services, taxi services, huge sales rep staff numbers to mention just several. It’s not difficult to believe that there are vast expenses for these companies the the acquisition and insurance of these vehicles. It ishowever an important aspect certificate of conformity of the social responsibility to ensure road safety and safety of not just their staff , but of other road users too.

Here are a few common sense elements that aid in avoiding crashes. They include:

* Fully functional headlamps, reflectors, indicators and signal devices

* Fully functional Exterior and Interior Mirrors

Fully functional suspension, steering and brakes

Road collisions involving work are the most common cause of death on American workplaces. American workplace. Around 12 000 deaths attributable to this issue between the beginning of the 1990’s and the 2000. This puts the employer at a distinct disadvantage right from beginning. Not only are insurance premiums for fleets higher, but employees that are injured experience lost productivity and personal pain and suffering. Drivers of trucks are the most vulnerable to mortality rates.

For businesses that own fleets of vehicles, the most popular features offered in most cars and trucks are:

* Obstacle detection sensors providing distance to the inch as to measure how much the vehicle’s proximity the obstacle

* Parking systems with automatic sensors

* Pre-crash systems

* Brake controls to turn into a corner.

Emergency brake systems

Anti-locking brake systems

* Automated brake systems

* Stability control

* Traction control

* Systems for monitoring the pressure of a tire

* Reverse Cameras

* Headlamps adaptable to different lighting conditions

* Night Vision

Seatbelts and airbags that are in good working order are also of paramount importance. Post-crash survival could also be impacted upon by advanced technologies, like Collision Notification Systems. This can greatly impact survival rates after a crash in situations.

It is important that companies keep in mind that the younger driver in the vehicle, the more dangers there are to road safety and efficient driving. In the United States of America drivers are able to obtain licenses as young as 16 while in the United Kingdom a driver’s license can be obtained at the age of 17. South African drivers are able to apply for their licenses before an age that is 18. There are certain areas in South Africa in certain sectors of the Insurance industry, drivers younger than 25 cannot have insurance coverage on their vehicles. These drivers are generally more mature in their thinking than older drivers and clearly lack the driving and road experience of their older counter parts. These factors contribute much higher crash rates in this particular segment. This is definitely something that should be considered when selecting a driver to be part of your fleet driving team

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