When most of us think of shipping we think of things like home goods, food, and various electronics for your local big box store. But what about things that you don’t get to buy in your local store? How do they go about shipping things that the general public doesn’t want to be around, and quite frankly shouldn’t be around? You’d be surprised at what gets shipped and how they do it.

Explosives and Ammunition
That commercial truck you passed on the highway this morning might have been carrying ordinance of some type. It may surprise you to know that commercial trucks, at least those with the training and set up, are used to transport ammunition and explosives from one location to another.

While you’d think that such items would require an escort of heavily armed individuals in a vehicle with a machine gun on top, in reality there’s a chance that any commercial 7.62×39 surplus ammo transport truck you pass on the road could be transporting some type of weapon. Now before you freak out remember that the drivers of these trucks as well as the companies they work for have to be certified by the DOD and that they receive special training in moving this type of cargo, but it’s still weird to think of being in bumper to bumper traffic with a truck carrying enough explosives for a Michael Bay movie.

Hazardous Materials
Hazardous materials, or Hazmat as it’s more commonly called, covers a wide range of items, but it really boils down to anything that’s medically or chemically dangerous to the public and isn’t something that you should be touching without the proper training and/or protective gear.

Much like explosives and ammunition, you’d think this something that would be transported in a van with a team of highly trained specialists all wearing suits with breathing apparatuses, but it’s often transported by commercial vehicles, though again the drivers are trained in transporting these sensitive cargoes.

Government Shipping
Ok, so it’s a pretty generic way of saying “anything the government doesn’t want to ship themselves”, but that’s really what it boils down to. While all of the truckers that move this type of cargo are certified by the DOD, you’d think that the government would be able to ship their own whatever to wherever they want. Instead, they rely on commercial trucking to help them transport everything from weapons and ammo to sensitive materials that aren’t harmful, but that they’d really rather nobody see.

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