Be sure to change or at least inspect your return filter(s) every month. Many filters claim to last up to 60 or maybe even 90 days, I wouldn’t believe these claims. Every home has different Dryer Vent Cleaning Newmarket levels of dust and allergens in the air so I recommend buying the less expensive filter options and replacing them more often. Remember this is the air you and your family are breathing in with every breath, so make sure the air being circulated around your home is as clean as possible. If your filter is dirty or clogged, not only is it unhealthy air to breath, but your air handler will work harder and likely run longer which will use more electricity Furnace Cleaning Newmarket . You should also take a brief walk around your home to make sure nothing is obstructing your heating and air or return duct vents.

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Have your Freon level checked at least every other year just before the hot climate hits your region. The correct Freon level is very important in assuring your system’s efficiency. I’m a big believer in doing most every task around the house and usually recommend that others should save their money by putting forth a little effort themselves instead of hiring professionals, however I do not recommend tackling this task on your own. Freon is potentially very dangerous and checking your system’s Freon level requires the proper knowledge along with specialty tools and gauges, not to mention there are now several different Freons and Freon alternatives that you likely won’t be able to get your hands on without a license.

You will also want to keep your system’s coils clean. You may choose to have a professional perform this task as well but if you happen to be a “do it yourselfer”, you can save some money by buying a can of coil cleaner for $5 at your local home improvement store and taking care of this job yourself. Remember to clean both your air conditioning compressor coils and your heat exchanger coils. When these coils are dirty your system will be less efficient and is forced to work harder to reach the desired temperature all the while wasting energy and money. Visit YouTube and search for coil cleaning for good DIY videos that will show you exactly how.

Go one step further to reassure your systems efficiency by checking your duct work for leaks. Over time your heating and cooling duct work may come untapped causing costly leaks in your system. Be sure to check all the seams along the main duct work and flex runs in your system. As long as you are willing to get a little dirty, leaks are easily solved by finding and re-taping them.

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