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Express Freight Services provides fast, safe, and secure shipping with One-Way Shipping to over thousands of destinations worldwide with expert and certified in-house logistics teams. With secure, on-time one-way shipping, your parcel can be delivered to your desired shipping destination of choice, often in just 24 hours. Whether your shipment is international or domestic, you can count on Express Freight to get it there fast. Express Freight offers a variety of different shipping options for shipments of all sizes, including hazardous and perishable items, bulk products, and even furniture. Express Freight offers a comprehensive array of freight services designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s commercial community.

There are several ways to track shipments online with Express Freight. Customers can easily obtain Express freight quote information for their particular cargo needs, including proposed shipping rates and track record details. Tracking your shipments with Express Freight gives you peace of mind knowing that your goods are shipped properly and on time. When you need to make a shipment, simply login and track your shipments from any Internet-connected computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Air freight is quickly becoming the most popular method of shipping goods because of its low cost, high reliability and track record, and ability to complete large deliveries faster than traditional ocean freight. Air freight is available from virtually every major trucking company across the United States. Air freight is often used for small and midsize shipments or as an add-on to other shipping services. Although most trucking companies offer some form of air freight service, it is often used as a last-minute option when a customer does not have access to trucking company transportation resources or cannot locate an alternative route. If you are considering air freight, follow these steps to ensure that your company is ready to help you with your next shipment.

Review all your orders and make sure they meet the criteria for Express Freight. Items that are oversized, bulky, or excessively heavy will need special consideration when it comes to Express Freight. Items that are fragile may not be acceptable for this service. Items that need extra or special packaging will need to call you to discuss options for shipping.

Request an Express Freight quote for your next delivery. This will help you determine what kind of service you require and what your delivery alternatives are. Express Freight providers offer several different methods for billing customers, including peak and off-peak prices. Peak pricing is the fastest way to place a shipment on the express freight grid. This is the fastest method but may incur the highest fees.

On-peak pricing is generally used for larger and bulkier items. Bulkier items may include bulkier or multiple-ishable items. The charges generally reflect the weight of the items being delivered, their value, and the amount of time it takes to make the delivery. Pricing in this stage is based on peak traffic conditions. Off-peak prices are generally for smaller deliveries or items that can be left until the following day. Charges are based on your customer’s order size and time.

Estimate delivery time for Express Freight. If you want to ensure that your items arrive on time, you should request an estimated delivery time. Your provider will usually provide this information with your initial request. Estimating delivery times is important because the longer the delivery time, the less time your customer will have to spend worrying about their goods. Estimating delivery times may also help you plan for any unforeseen delays or breakdowns during delivery.

Express Freight has been designed for fast and reliable delivery of products and services to businesses and homes. Customer services are available to help you through the entire process from start to finish. Taking advantage of Express Freight providers’ comprehensive range of delivery services helps you meet your business delivery and storage needs with peace of mind.

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