Louisville’s Midwestern sensibilities and Southern hospitality make it the regional economic hub for 24 Kentucky and Southern Indiana counties. Two-thirds of the U.S. residents can drive to it within a few hours. It is also home to thousands of companies such as Clariant Corporation and UPS Worldport.
Ford Motor Company. GE, Yum Brands!. Humana. Brown-Forman. Texas Roadhouse. The Kentucky Derby takes place in Louisville. It also houses some of the best bourbons in the world, including Old Forester, Michter’s, and Evan Williams. All of these bourbons were distilled in the Louisville region. 

Louisville’s reputation of being a place where innovation is possible Business Support in food and bourbon, as well as other spirits, has earned it many accolades, including Zagat’s designation of Louisville as a top destination for foodies around the globe. Louisville’s business strategies concentrate on areas of strength, where many businesses are already successful in Louisville. Ford and GE are seeing significant growth in advanced production, and the abundance of logistics operations allows them and other companies to thrive. 

Louisville is also home of the largest concentrations of healthcare providers within the health and aging sector. Louisville isn’t stopping to attract new business. This latest direct flight to LAX shows that Louisville continues to push the boundaries to attract more businesses. It will provide faster access to workers and growth opportunities as well as help showcase Louisville to new clients on the west coast. Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport has been a success story in attracting new direct flights.

The LAX nonstop transcontinental flight will build on that success. This airport has nonstop flights to 35 destinations across the country and is the fastest-growing in the nation. From one location, travelers can travel to 460 destinations around the world and 460 locations in the U.S. The Louisville Regional Airport Authority manages the airport.

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