Kitchen Cops: Spiders in the kitchen at Bridge Street and a Chinese buffet bombs (2024)

Kitchen Cops: Spiders in the kitchen at Bridge Street and a Chinese buffet bombs (1)

By Mike Brown

Published: Nov. 5, 2021 at 4:30 AM CDT

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Four repeat offenders are making headlines in this week’s edition of Kitchen Cops.

Madison County

In mid-July, on Jordan Lane in Huntsville. At the time, it was handed a 61 due to a dirty ice machine, unlabeled chemical bottles, loose wires on fry baskets (which can lead to metal shards in food), multiple food temperature problems and an employee who washed his hands - but then dried them on his pants. A follow up inspection in September gave New China a slightly better score of 74. This week, a third inspection brings about the worst score of the lot. New China was hit with a 58 this time. As you can see in the inspection notes, the health department found multiple food temperature problems on everything from bean sprouts to chicken to rice. There was also an issue with pork being found in the cooler without a date mark on it. The inspector also noted dirty and rusty utensils mixed in with clean ones, and a dirty ice chute.

Two weeks ago, we mentioned that many restaurants at Bridge Street seem to be struggling with health inspections this year. That includes a shockingly low score at the otherwise well regarded Connor’s. It was hit with a 65 in September. A follow up inspection last week provided a better but still relatively low score of 76. The kitchen cops report “spider found crawling on prep area” as well as several flies in the kitchen. There were also problems with meat and dairy food temperatures.

Elsewhere in Bridge Street, the Texas de Brazil steakhouse was also scored at a 76. There were issues with the hot water in the restrooms, a dirty ice machine and multiple food temperature violations at the salad bar.

We’ve also been paying close attention to the Hooter’s on University Drive. It was shut down earlier this year with a 54 score. In September, it rebounded to 78. This week, another inspection takes it off our trouble spots list with a respectable 86 score. Inspectors still noted raw chicken at the wrong temperature and no paper towels at a sink.

Limestone County

There were only two scores in Limestone County that caught our attention this week. First, the Jack’s on Highway 31 and Pryor Street in Athens. It’s hit with a 79 due to rodent feces in the building and a blocked hand sink. Meanwhile, the Logan’s Roadhouse on Athens-Limestone Boulevard gets an 81 thanks to flies throughout the building, dirty plates mixed in with clean ones and an employee cooking while using their cellphone.

Morgan County

A similar story in Morgan County, where only two businesses scored low enough to be mentioned. The Zaxby’s on Highway 31 in Hartselle and the Main Street Food Mart in Hartselle both score an 83 this week. Zaxby’s had food temperature problems and no towels in the women’s room. The Main Street Food Mart had no thermometer and was cooking beef improperly.

Marshall County

We received a full month’s worth of information from Marshall County this week. Here are some of the lowlights from October.

Los Arcos in Albertville had the lowest score with a 68. There was unlabeled cleaning chemicals and bleach stored improperly. There was also a problem food salsa and shrimp temperatures and no paper towels at the sink.

Jessy Tacos & Tortas in Guntersville was rated a 69 with multiple food temperature problems and chicken that was cooked and put up without a proper expiration date.

The Dairy Queen in Arab gets an 80 with unlabeled chemicals being the most serious violation there.

Lauderdale County

The health department found some serious problems in the kitchen of the Glenwood Center senior home in Florence. There were employees not washing hands, flies in the building and gray water backing up from a drain under the dishwasher. It was rated at a 73 score.

There were roaches in the building at La Hacienda on Cox Creek Parkway. Inspectors also noted no sanitizer in the dishwasher. That gives La Hacienda an 80 score.

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Kitchen Cops: Spiders in the kitchen at Bridge Street and a Chinese buffet bombs (2024)
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