Value betting is one area of betting on sports which can bring many different opinions. In simple terms, a value bet offers good value for money. If you think that the chances of an outcome happening are 3/2 and you are successful in getting 7/1, this is considered to be as a good bet.

Many people believe that searching for bets that are worth your money is pointless unless you are wagering large sums of money. This is fair enough if you were to work at the extra return an increase in odds of 0.1% would have on a PS20 bet! A lot of people view value bets as an option to move to go in many betting markets, even when you’re looking to back with a small amount.

These days punters don’t have to limit themselves to a few bookmakers in their city centre or waiting to place bets against an independent bookie at an event. Since the introduction of the internet, new bookmakers have come onto the market and are providing plenty of options and chances to boost the odds we are offered. With all this competition it is not difficult to find an increase in odds for betting odds of 1.0 and, in many cases, the improvement can be much higher.

Why should you search at the best value Bets?

The way bookmakers price bets makes it difficult for punters to earn money over the long haul In fact, 95% of bettors fail to do so. It is your responsibility, as the punter, to take advantage in the odds variances you see in your betting career. By noticing attractive bets you can make it easier to swing the odds more in your favour and severely increase the chances of your sports betting antics pay off.

A gambler who takes the value of bets doesn’t mean who is focused on the most popular outcome during a sporting race or other event. People who search for value bets are likely to be betting on outcomes that have odds that are greater than what they perceive the actual odds to be. It could be a betting on a bookie which is 100-1, whereas the bettor’s opinion would be that it should be 300-1. If you were watching at the football match, for example Chelsea against Spurs and you thought the odds of Chelsea to win were 80 percent, Tottenham 10%, and the draw 10% – the odds should be in the range of 1.25 (100/80) for Chelsea to win 10, (10 (100/10) in the event of a Spurs win, as well as 10 (100/10) to draw.

Bets on Picking Value

Most value bettors use odds comparison software in order to source high-quality. By comparing odds at the click of a mouse, it is simple for them to discover differences that they can exploit to make much more money. If you’re not clued enough to identify your own value bets , go to some websites to see what others place bets. It is worth a look. Racing Post is a great source for betting tips as are Sporting Life. Each site has a number of experts with years of experience working on it, who are able to spot an opportunity in many markets.

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