Big Time Gaming (BTG) produced the first Megaways slot machine in 2016. They also applied for a patent for the engine and allowed other major developers to obtain licenses for their unique inventions. As more vendors now produce these slot machines, Megaways games are entering the gaming world at a record speed. I am very happy that online gamers have found something they like very much. However, I have a big problem. I think the Megaways slot machine is not worth it! You can see my seven biggest complaints about these games below.

With all possible winning combinations, Megaways slot machines are exciting. Megaways slots Many BTG games offer as many as 117,649 ways to win. Just ten years ago, gamers would be in awe when the keyword you wanted to focus on in this situation “reached.” These two simple words are a big warning to Megaways. 117,649 or 60,466,176 winning combinations are eye-catching numbers. However, in most cases, it rarely reaches these numbers. One of the benefits of unlocking so many ways is that you can have multiple ways to make money.

However, the downside is that you will also get a lot of disappointments. Assuming that each method provides you with a reliable chance of winning, slot machine developers and their related casinos will soon close down. Imagine how chaotic it would be if all media only paid 5% of the time on average. However, the reality is that every winning combination offers a very small chance of winning.

Many times, you have thousands of possible ways to win, but in the end you won’t find anything. When they are all programmed to make payments at a very low rate, hundreds of thousands or millions of ways are meaningless. The fees they pay are no better than standard online slot machines. The RTP of most of these games is about 96%, which is about the same as the industry average. You might see more than 100,000 winning combinations and imagine collecting a lot of money. However, in most cases, most of these approaches are losers.

If you are used to payline-based games, you may encounter the initial difficulty of understanding slot machines in 243 ways. After all, slot machines have 243 ways to pay on adjacent reels rather than across paylines. However, try to add this adjacent appearance using reels with a different number of symbols in each round. This concept becomes easier when you understand the minimum and maximum values. Symbols that can appear on each reel. However, even if you get this skin, some Megaways slots will introduce more complex skins. TG’s Holy Diver is a perfect example. The game combines Megaways with the “reel adventure” format.

The latter refers to the role-playing aspect that allows you to level up. After reaching a certain level, you can choose to play free spins or move on. This setting looks very simple. However, when you scroll through novel-like information screens and read information on how to upgrade, you get confused. I realize that online slot machines are becoming more and more advanced every year. But games like Holy Diver make learning slot machines feel like a chore. What makes slot machines interesting is their ease of use, which eliminates this aspect of ease of use. If you want to get rich with one spin, then you have found the wrong Megaways slot machine. These games can provide large personal payouts worth up to 100,000 coins. However, you must place big bets to take advantage of these prizes. If there are multiple ways to get the prize in the same round, you can also win the prize. But again, you have to place big bets to take advantage of this situation. Megaways slot machines are not. The simple reality is that you have to deal with lower reel heights most of the time. You should eliminate any delusions about playing regularly with countless chances of winning.

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