When you start to have an asbestos survey performed, there are several things you can expect. First, the survey itself will generally take a few days to complete. This is because asbestos removal can be extremely hazardous work, so it’s important to hire the right company for the job. Important considerations in finding an asbestos survey company though, but this was always true before people started to recognize the many health risks associated with asbestos.

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Before 2021, if you had asbestos surveys conducted, they usually consisted of a random sampling of buildings in the town or area where you lived. Nowadays however, most asbestos surveys are done on a much larger scale, as building owners and managers are realizing the danger these dangerous materials present. Unfortunately, in many older buildings, there are still remnants of asbestos – and this can present a real health risk if the fibres are inhaled.

The best way to avoid this problem is to ensure your home has been completely demolished and all traces of asbestos containing materials removed. If you live in a part of the country that has not yet introduced asbestos surveys, don’t assume this is the case. However, if you do live in a town or city with an active asbestos survey program in place, then you may wish to arrange some private surveys of your own. You may find that you are more likely to find asbestos than other types of waste.

Another benefit of getting an asbestos survey company is the chance to save money. It’s amazing how many people simply assume that any asbestos containing materials found in their homes are harmless. They might have also failed to take into consideration that asbestos is made from naturally occurring materials. It is extremely tricky to remove, which means you may be saving yourself thousands of dollars as a result. For this reason alone, many people consider it to be a very worthwhile investment.

As a first step in your survey, you will need to identify the asbestos containing materials in your buildings undergoing renovation or repair. You should document the locations of any suspected asbestos. As you conduct your research, you will come across reports that contain data on older buildings. Be aware that you should never confirm the authenticity of these reports. You should also be careful not to assume that all insulation or roofing materials you come across are safe from asbestos.

Depending on the location of the suspected asbestos, your asbestos survey team will suggest several possible routes of action. One approach could be to demolish the suspected contaminated area and dispose of materials that way. If this is not feasible, demolition experts can conduct a site investigation to find other areas contaminated with asbestos. Once all the areas have been investigated, the experts can map out a plan of action for demolition and removal. The safety of employees during demolition and removal, and the health of demolition debris, will be managed by trained professionals.

With the permission of the client, accredited laboratories will be utilized to test samples for asbestos concentration and toxicity. If there are high levels of asbestos in the sample, it could cause health risks for anyone who comes into contact with the sample. Your survey company will ensure that the appropriate asbestos survey sample collection procedures are followed to minimize the health risk to employees, contractors, consumers and anybody else who might come into contact with the materials during demolition and removal.

As a result, you can feel confident that your property is protected from potential harms caused by suspect materials. The surveys can help you determine the best route of action when dealing with suspect materials. This ensures that you make the correct decisions about renovations, repairs and replacement in a safe manner. There are many benefits associated with real estate due diligence. With the assistance of a professional asbestos survey company, you will be able to ensure that you live in a safe environment and know what to do when asbestos is found in your home or business.

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