What is blogging? The word blog is an abbreviation for the term “web log.” Blogging is, at its most elementary definition, a online journal. This journal can be used by its creator in order to do a variety of things — everything from expressing their inmost feelings and opinions about people, things and circumstances in their lives, to communicating with coworkers and colleague regarding particular projects related to either job or career, all the way to using a blog in order to market goods and services; plus, everything in between..

As the practice of blogging continues to take root and evolve throughout the internet, we find that it has, rightfully so, become an important means of communication for all those who use them regularly. Let’s examine what is blogging, and some of the reasons why it has become so popular ollanewsjournal.com . It’s more practical than writing a letter, less expensive and just as reliable (maybe more so) than a long distance conference call, and more convenient than having to send the same email to a large group of people – better to have them just visit the blog on a regular basis for updates.

So widespread is the use of blogs worldwide, that some dare to suggest blogging has played a key role in political elections in some countries around the world, Be that as it may, the mere hint that a simple blog could exert such influence underscores the overall importance of a blog. Clearly, if there really are people around the world who can manipulate political elections by just blogging, then it’s a sure bet these people aren’t asking, “What is blogging?”

As for those involved in the entertainment industry, celebrities and fans alike, many have started to rely on blogs in increasing numbers. Through the process of blogging, opinions, rumors, hard information and updates about the rich and famous are distributed to an adoring public. Many celebrities and public figures are, themselves, now keeping their own blogs.

The News Media use blogs as resources for the very latest stories. News stories of varied importance are begun, followed and completed using blogs and the process of blogging. Reporters in-the-field, working for major news organizations, as well as for local news outlets, keep track of whatever news stories they are covering by the use of blogs.

Not wanting to get left out in the cold, business has adopted blogging with open arms recently; this includes offline and online companies, as well. It’s become quite obvious to businesses that blogs are not just a passing trend to be used solely by bored housewives in Des Moines, Iowa, commenting on their favorite soap opera leading men, but are a vital communications tool that giant conglomerates can use just as effectively as the average person.

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