St. Lucie County, Florida is located on the southern tip of Florida near the Keys and in the Panhandle. The City of Saint Petersburg is its capital. It is the second largest city in Florida and the third largest county in Florida. Its downtown is an attractive place to live. It has plenty of shopping, dining and cultural attractions.

Lucie County, Florida is located on the Real Estate & Turnkey Package deal available now in St. Lucie County, Florida southern tip of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. The Official County website has maps, detailed information about the county and state, tax information, and even links to the various political offices. A county website should be considered when searching for information about a specific area or for general information. One can contact the Office of Planning and Community Development, Civil Service Division.

The twentieth judicial circuit of Florida includes all of Florida’s counties. The most populous county is Saint Lucie with its metropolitan population of about 715,000. Its largest city is Fort Pierce, which is in Prince William Sound. Other counties in this circuit are Lucinda, Sarasota, Voluspa, Flagler, Suwannee, Miami-Dade, Lee, Tarpon Springs, Lake Worth, Harnish, Oak Hill, Pensacola, Daytona Beach, Ocala, Flagler, West Palm Beach and Melbourne.

Lucie County’s official website explains that the county was created as a part of a bargain between the United States and Mexico. It was originally a part of Florida but was split off into three separate counties: Lucinda, Orange and St. Lucie. Florida allowed these new counties to form their own court system which left Lucie without any municipal government. Today, Lucie County is known as a politically neutral place where all residents can freely worship.

The largest city of Lucie County (populated by roughly half of the total population) is Fort Pierce. The city is known for its naval base, military installations and commerce. Its largest airport is the Martin County International Airport, which is the second busiest airport in Florida. Fort Pierce is also the home of the U.S. post office which is located in a historic downtown area. Other notable businesses include the U.S. Post Office, Lowe’s and Kmart.

Located in what is known as the “gold belt”, is the city of Brevard County. The cities of Orange and Lucie counties are approximately twenty miles to the north and west of Fort Pierce. A Brevard County judge called John T. Carruthers presides over the six districts of Brevard County which are: Orange, Lucie, Orange County, St. Lucie and Lee. The county’s capital city is reported to be the largest city in Florida. It is also the state capitol.

The largest city of Jacksonville is located on the east coast of Florida in what is known as the Pompano Beach area. The largest town of Jacksonville is conveniently located right next to the University of Florida (also located in Pompano Beach). The University of Florida has been home to the College of Medicine of Excellence. The College of Medicine of Excellence or CME is an international association that was formed in 2021. This university offers degree programs in everything from nursing and dentistry to health care management and policy.

The county’s capital city of Jacksonville is also right down the street from the University of Florida. There are many prominent doctors in this area including former Florida governor and presidential candidate, Senator John McCain. As you can see, there is a lot of activity going on in and around Lucie and Martin counties. Many families visit Florida each year and stay in hotels near the beaches and all around the county. In the coming years, Florida will definitely have one of the top rated beaches anywhere in the United States.

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