Smoked meat snacks are convenient and inexpensive treats that many American meat lovers enjoy. These snacks are easy to prepare and can be served to guests in an instant. If you are under a tight budget and would like to throw a small party or a simple gathering, you can opt for an outdoor barbecue party with soda, music, and of course, meat snacks.

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The preparation is just simple. Here are a few steps.

Set up an area for grilling. This area should be as far from the crowd as possible to avoid possible burns and smoke. Make sure you have all the necessary tools and condiments to avoid frequent trips to the kitchen how much does a gallon of milk weigh . Prepare the barbecue sauce, marinade (better if meat is marinated hours before the party), and grilling tools.

Set up a station for other snacks. Prepare bowls for chips, salad, plates for smoked beef sausage and other meat snacks, trays, and spoons and forks how to close upstox account . It is ideal to put all of these in one or two long tables. Add some feel to your party by matching the table cloth with the plates and utensils. You need not lay a lot of food on your table. Remember not to prepare meals and dishes, just snacks.

Set up a drinking station. What is a party without the drinks? The drinking station should be especially placed in a spot where guests can conveniently get their fill. Make sure that the drinks you are about to serve match the food you prepared. If you have a pool, make sure the drinking station is not set up next to it.

Make sure you can dispose the leftovers, and disposable plates and plastic cups properly. You have to ensure that you will not have much trouble getting rid of the mess.

Smoked meat snacks are ideal for such parties since these treats have already some flavor in them. You can also opt for steaks (although they are more expensive), meat skewers (requires more preparation), or just the classic barbecue. You can match the meat with vegetable salad and chips.

International and National bans on smoking have seemingly spread like wildfire throughout the world. Restaurants, cafes, clubs, and lounges that once held happy tobacco users now possess “No Tobacco Allowed” signs and “put out or stay out” mantras. Yes, the Earth has become a difficult place for those who love to smoke in public.

Joining countries from all over, Portugal has recently lost its immunity to a strict smoking ban and gone the route of places like Ireland, Germany, and the United States. A nation that once only outlawed smoking in healthcare settings, government buildings, shopping malls, schools, and mass transportation portals has become the latest country in the tobacco-free trend. As of midnight on January 1, 2008, a smoking ban was enacted that outlawed tobacco use in the majority of public places, including bars, clubs, restaurants and pubs.

Ironically enough, as soon as the ban went into effect, the man behind the ban – Antonio Nunes – was caught breaking the rules. He was photographed near Lisbon by the daily Diario de Noticias with a lit cigar.


Nunes, President of Portugal’s food standards agency, was one of the prime advocates for the ban and the person many believe responsible for its approval. Upon being spotted smoking on his stogie, he reportedly said that he didn’t realize the smoking ban applied to casinos, which was where he was spending his New Year’s Eve. Obviously, Nunes took a gamble. The law is presently being looked into in regards to whether or not it applies to casinos.

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