Beautiful, soft bed linens are a luxury definitely worth the investment. Good quality sheets last quite a long time, and will give you much more use than most of your clothing items. I always urge my customers to pamper themselves with the finest sheets that they could afford. You deserve it. There are plenty of companies making gorgeous look and top quality bedding.

Many people judge (and brag about) sheets based on its thread count, but there are many other things to think about. I’ll break it down into three parts so that you only have three things to be looking for:

Thread Count – This is how many threads are per square inch. The more threads you have, the better, but it’s really high at 500. The companies who claim greater thread counts modern bed linen sets are using other processes with smaller threads, so they can claim the more threads on their advertising. I would recommend 200 or more.

Materials – Cotton is King! Do not bother with sheets that contain polyester. Blended fabrics are not able to breathe or absorb moisture so they’re not as comfortable. They will never be as soft, and they’ll break down. Egyptian cotton, which is soft and supple, is softest cotton you can buy.

Finish Fabric is processed or finished in various ways that affect the feel. The process can be complex, but you just need experience it to find out which one you like.

I am also thrilled to find that a lot of our mainstream businesses are now offering organic bed linens. Cotton is one of the most pesticide-ridden crops. So while organic sheets cost more, they’re worth it. Especially if someone in your family has allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Always remember to clean your sheets prior to when you start using them for the first time!

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