Buy-to-let investors love the Borough of Newham. It is easy to see why. The average monthly rent is just PS1,500. Newham’s average asking price is PS354,162. There are many attractive options for those with more than PS500,000 to invest. Newham is not close enough to central London so you don’t need to experience the whole city. The borough does have excellent transport links to central London.

You can easily reach central London by Newham. The area also has man y property investments london other attractions. The government has designated 80 hectares in Newham as part of the Metropolitan Green Belt. This belt covers London and surrounding areas. Newham is home to ten libraries and is considered one the most desirable areas in London for education. Newham’s education infrastructure is a major draw for families.

Wandsworth Council plans to build more luxury homes in Battersea. The area’s existing properties will likely increase in value once they are completed. The area around Battersea Power Station will be undergoing a multibillion-pound renovation. The area surrounding the Grade II listed building will become a major social and economic hub once construction is completed. There are also plans to build additional housing. 

The value of a property that is being renovated by house flippers will affect its marketability. However, it is not the only factor. Flipping properties in areas that house prices are likely to rise can help house flippers increase their income. These are the most promising areas in London, as we’ve identified them below.

Ilford is an excellent place to invest. Crossrail’s imminent arrival will accelerate the area’s transformation into a major commuter hub. Crossrail connections are not the only thing Ilford will receive. This multimillion-pound investment plan will see large areas of the borough being rebuilt. The district is also preparing to build its first skyscraper by 2021.

In the past five years, Ilford’s average property price has increased by 60%. This strong performance is still available for property investors. Despite the increase in property prices, Ilford is still among the most affordable areas of the capital.

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