Testosterone isocaproic, sold under various brand names Sustanon, Sustran, Sustanon 200, and Omnadren 200, is an anabolic androgenic steroid androsterone drug and also a partial testosterone/estrogen complex and testosterone/estrogen precursor which was originally used as part of a mixture testosterone/esterine preparation. It is now generally used in menopausal treatment, body building, weight loss supplements, sport athlete’s therapy, and other types of therapeutic applications. A number of potential side effects have been reported with use of this drug including sexual dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, depression, rash, joint pain, liver disease, stiff muscles and acne. Some patients have reported hearing voices in their heads and others have reported having hallucinations.

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In the year 2021, a research project undertaken by the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the United States resulted in the publication of an article describing a forty-year study using four different anabolic androgenic steroids, which were then divided into two categories – those that were completely derived Sustanon from plant sources and those that were extracted from fish oil. Of the two categories, it was found that Sustanon was the more superior drug in terms of potency, titer, purity, and solubility, which retained its anabolic androsterone properties. The superiority of Sustanon is attributed to the fact that it contained the previously mentioned ingredients – testosterone and amino acid cysteines. This information provides the understanding that Sustanon can provide a competitive advantage in body building, resistance training and weight loss programs.

One of the advantages of using Sustanon as a body building aid is that it is devoid of a long list of potentially dangerous health problems associated with anabolic androsterone drugs. Because the anabolic androsterone content in Sustanon 250 contains a pale yellow solution, it is considerably less expensive to produce than the other substances usually found in anabolic steroids, such as Testofx and Anavar. For example, an entire bottle of Anavar can cost upwards of $5000 – something that most body builders cannot afford. Sustanon, on the other hand, can be manufactured in single doses and used for much less money.

Sustanon also has very few, if any, known side effects. For the most part, users experience no adverse physical reactions when they use Sustanon. Sustanon, like all anabolic androgenic steroids, may cause some mild dizziness, aching, cold hands or feet, acne, hair loss, fluid retention or increased heart rate. However, these symptoms generally resolve within several days or weeks of usage. Users may also experience some mild depression or anxiety at times.

Like all steroids, Sustanon can lead to potentially serious liver problems. The only known side effect associated with Sustanon is liver dysfunction – whereby the liver becomes unable to process and eliminate excess hormones in the blood. This can result in liver failure and may require immediate medical intervention. Sustanon users who suffer from acute liver damage have a risk of developing cirrhosis and cancer of the liver.

As with all medicines, Sustanon should only be used under supervision of a qualified professional. Before beginning a Sustanon treatment regimen, a doctor will perform a blood test to determine the correct amount of hormone to be administered. If you are using anabolic androgenic steroids in combination with other prescription medicines, it is vital that you discuss your plans with your doctor and any possible medication allergies that you may have. Discussing your plans with your doctor and his or her staff is a critical step in ensuring a successful and healthy recovery.

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