The constitution states “that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. As a 50-year-old African-American male, those rights were denied me the early part of my life. Although, most Americans will never feel the pain of Jim Crow but it was real. So too is climate change.

Just like back then, fighting climate change is morally, religious, and scientifically the right thing to do. Is it right to leave an inhabitable planet to next generation? That’s like you and your older brothers playing football in the house and trashing the place. Your little brother comes in and can’t believe what he’s seeing. Your parents come home and you put the blame on your little brother. Is that morally the right thing to do?

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I’m not catholic but when Pope Francis sounded the alarm about the climate, I listened. The Pope made the point that the earth is God creation, not mans and it should be treated as such hotel furniture manufacturers. Man is trashing God creation. Whether you believe in God or not, it’s safe to say, you didn’t create the earth so why are you trashing it? Using the earlier analogy, the house isn’t yours so why are you trashing it? Your parents come home and they know who did it and like God, they are not happy. Is that religiously the right thing to do?

Now politicians are shaking their responsibilities by stating that they deny climate change but they are not scientist. THAT’S CRAZY! As of now, 97% of climatologist, who are scientist, and other scientist involved in climate change debate agree that there is no longer a debate. The planet is changing and it’s changing for the worse. That’s like going to the doctor and he/she prescribes you some medication but you say I’m not going to take it but I’m not a doctor. Is that scientifically the right thing to do?

We can talk about the data such as the Polar ice caps at the poles are melting resulting in less reflection of the Sun’s rays. Or the dryness out west causing uncontrollable wild fires. Or the heating of the oceans causing polar ice caps to melt causing oceans to rise. Coastal cities will be flooded and thus, inhabitable. And does it mean anything that July was hottest month on record or is too much science.

Another argument that I will make is that climate change is causing unbearable heat. As temperatures continue to rise, people with chronic illnesses will have to stay indoors longer and run the air conditioner continuously. The levels of these harmful greenhouse gases will most certainly increase in order to save lives only to have those lives cut short because of the greenhouse effect on the atmosphere. Therefore, it’s now time to leave oil, coal, and natural gas in the ground. The world must move closer to cleaner forms of energy. We must find ways to build on the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change because when it mandatory, the world will find cleaner ways to power life. Besides, isn’t it against God to commit suicide? Is that not what the Human race is doing?

Kitchen is one of the places for the family to meet, and bathroom is the place here you spend a good bit of time to freshen up every day. It is not good to allow these rooms stay dull and uninviting with all the ideas and materials available today. In this modern world, a traditional kitchen and bathroom will not be appealing and comfortable. It would be attractive, luxurious and comfortable if you make them technologically sound, irrespective of the space availability. For this, the right design and high quality product selection and installation are important. If you want them to be fashionable and hi-tech, you need to take care when selecting counter tops, hardware, cabinets, plumbing, sinks, faucets, wall paint, and floor tiles of your bathroom and kitchen.

The availability of wide variety and colorful designs of kitchen and bathroom tiles and counter tops are on the increase. Contemporary styles like the harlequin design, marble and natural stone tile designs are always desirable, colorful and affordable. Using ceramic tile or slate with radiant heating lets you eliminate the need for a second heat source in the room. Add soothing warmth to kitchen and bathroom floors with electric floor warming systems to make cold floors into soothing, luxuriously warm surfaces. You can use streamlined, shiny, modern faucet instead of a very old fashioned one. Vessel-type sinks are available in a wide range of styles and finishes. It is better to select high quality, stain-resistant, water-proof and durable wall paint of pleasing colors.

When considering kitchen style improvement, European-styled cabinetry looks sophisticated and refined, besides maximizing access and storage space of your kitchen. Ensure that the cabinetry is made of finest materials. Home kitchen appliances make this room technical and convenient.

If you are the one to appreciate the finer points of bathroom design details, make it to have a soothing environment. The traditional bath and shower products and toilet are not up to the mentality of the new generation individuals. A jet stream Jacuzzi tub with a frosted glass basin sink and free form rock wall shower look stylish. The walk-in baths/ bath-tubs, slide-in baths and walk-in baths with power seats and dual draining system are designed and engineered to be attractive, safe, functional, convenience and comfort. One-piece toilet lends your bathroom a furnished look rather than a functional look. These toilets have built-in water efficiency and sound modulation, so that flushing is discreet.

Ensure that your bathroom and kitchen are designed by experienced and qualified persons, so that your kitchen and bathroom functions well and satisfy your sense of style. Many licensed home Improvement contractors and service professionals are there to solve your problem of making your kitchen and bathroom technologically sound. There are some relevant websites providing educational programs to help you in giving ideas for designing and furnishing these rooms.

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